Here at Method Center Actors, our Ultimate "Most Valuable Patron" is (of course) the Creator of The Method and Godfather of Modern Acting... but it also stands for our:


Method Center Actors Inc. is a community of student artists and comradery of teaching artists working together towards the ultimate goal of success. MCAI redefines the basic meaning of success to meet the ethical standard of individual health, wealth, love and happiness. It is not only our duty to equip actors with the tools and resources they need to trek through the industry, but our pleasure to mentor them along the way. We seek to directly fill the gap of lacking technical development in the artists’ community, as well as indirectly fill the gap between where they are and where they want to be. We promote the Respect, Positive Attitude, Self-Discipline, Listening Sills, Hard Work and Patience required to be a strong actor. We meet students where they are at as individuals, and do not stand behind a ‘one size fits all’ curriculum. As our slogan promotes, our foundation is “Emphasized Work in Favor of the Quality Education and the Fair Representation of Artists Across the Nation.”


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Here at Method Center Actors Inc., the concept of Personal Method Discovery is the cornerstone of our curriculum. We are here to mentor and equip, not talk at and sell-out endorse. At the same time, we are here to serve, not to be served. We offer a wide variety of training options specifically in favor of artists and in fitting their unique, individual needs. MCAI regularly seeks to foster a strong family-like relationship between our staff and students, and continues to make a point of setting the bar of excellence higher and higher. Being an actor means being an entertainer, as well as an educator. We ingrain the importance of understanding leadership, ethics, humanity, culture and history into our teaching, as well as the beautiful art and craft of acting as a whole. In doing so, we work hard to insure the best education to each artist, given that they work their hardest to meet us along the way. We are a team. We believe in the work of the Masters, just as our students believe in the us and we in them.

Become this year's Annual MVP!

Every year, Method Center Actors Inc. recognizes one individual who is voted on by our Board of Directors to be considered that year's "Most Valuable Patron". This person and their involvement should greatly represent and benefit the qualities of our Mission, Vision and Philosophy...

What does it take to become this year's Annual MVP? A donation of $1,000+ will immediately consider you for nomination.* Regardless of talent or passion, our company can't function without financing and your investment plays a major role in keeping us afloat. Other nominations are earned through sweat equity. If you have quality time or education/experience-based knowledge available to be invested into our company, and if you do so at a level higher than others involved, you will be nominated! Our past MVP's and their bios are listed on our Meet the Team page. We're looking forward to adding you to the list! Benefits include...

Invitation to sit on our Advisory Board**

Lifetime Theatre Pass

(1 seat to every MCAT production for life)

*As our company grows and as the sweat-equity-based qualifications for nomination become more competitive, the minimal financial investment necessary to be immediately nominated for the Annual MVP may be subject to change on a quarterly-annual basis.

**Advisory Board invitations may be subject to a waiting list if the Board is currently full. The Advisory Board offers a maximum of 90 seats.

Words we work by...

"Create your own method. Don't depend slavishly on mine. Make up something that will work for you! But keep breaking traditions, I beg you..."

- Constantin Stanislavsky, Creator of The Method & Godfather of Modern Acting