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Method Center Actors Studio

If your student is between the ages of 13-17, we have a class that is right for them. Students under 13 who are enrolled in the 6th Grade or higher may be accepted with post-consultation approval. We teach all levels, from beginner to professional. Our total curriculum in an intensive study of the following...


Acting for Film/TV, Contemporary Theatre, Shakespeare, Musical Theatre, Improv Comedy, Voiceover Acting, Commercial Modeling, Public Speaking, General Craft (Scene Study, Character Development, Script Analysis, Cold Reading, Audition Tech, etc.)


The Method (Stanislavsky Technique), Strasberg Technique, Adler Technique, Meisner Technique, Uta Hagen Technique, Chekhov Technique, Alexander Technique, Laban Technique, The Viewpoints (Bogart/Chambers Technique), and Practical Aesthetics


Set/Stage/Studio Etiquette, Technical Theater, Filmmaking, Staged Combat & Stunts, Playwriting & Screenwriting, The Business of the Entertainment Industry, History, Psychology, Vocal & Movement Exercises, Musical Arts, Visual Arts, and much more...


Always Enrolling: MCAI Online

Take a moment to explore our online training options. For more info, contact us or visit Online Training.


We offer weekly online private lessons between the hours of 8:30am-12:30pm & 2:30pm-6:30pm PST on Mondays-Thursdays. Our curriculum is based off the same subjects listed above and tailored to your unique preferences. We use Phone, Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and the TakeLessons Classroom. See our Private Lessons page for more info.


This adult-level course plan works very well with full-time or part-time students, and with professionals who have a consistent work schedule. We host four 8-week seasons per year, two intensives per season. Join our online group lecture classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday evenings. See our Seasonal Intensives page for more info.


Watch these courses right from your computer at anytime, any day! For students who learn better through a pause/play format and have a knack for excessive note-taking, we've got you covered! Take classes anywhere, on your own time. MCAI's Masterclass 24/7 offers a first-time 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee on all MCAI Courses.

*Masterclass 24/7 is still in the works and has not yet been launched.